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Overland Park-based Erise IP is an IP litigation boutique founded in early 2012 by former Shook Hardy & Bacon partners, Eric Buresh and Adam Seitz. The firm, which has grown to include ten attorneys and a team of three technical advisors, is known for its combination of deep technical expertise and litigation experience –and likewise, despite its young age, an impressive client roster.

One key client is Garmin. Attorneys currently represent the company in a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Visteon involving five patents relating to navigation technologies. In another matter, Erise serves as lead counsel for Garmin in an ITC investigation relating to microprocessors used by Garmin's devices. Representing defendant Sony, the firm serves as lead counsel in a patent infringement suit filed by Grobler involving portable gaming devices produced by Sony. Other notable clients include Ubisoft, Ford, Mazda and Saab.

Seitz concentrates his practice on patent litigation involving high technology and has played leading roles in matters across the country and before the ITC. Among his notable victories, he was a member of the trial team that obtained a $69.5 million infringement verdict for Sprint involving VoIP patents. This was reportedly the largest jury verdict in Kansas history. Buresh has managed patent litigation matters in jurisdictions across the country. With a background in mechanical engineering, he focuses much of his practice on GPS technology, consumer electronics, video games and systems, e-commerce and networking.

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Erise IP is committed to redefining the status quo in defending IP litigation.

"We believe there is a better way."

As reported by industry media, Erise IP was formed in February 2012 by national IP litigators Adam Seitz and Eric Buresh who "broke away from an AmLaw 100 firm to start their own shop" with the goal of redefining the way the attorney-client relationship is managed in the context of defending intellectual property litigation.

Twelve months after the launch, Erise IP has built not only a team of legal and technical experts that would be the envy of the nation's largest IP practices, but also a client roster that includes names like Garmin, Sony, Ubisoft and Ford Motor Company among others.

Seitz and Buresh had been working together for more than a decade before taking what the business media referred to as a "leap of faith" in creating an IP litigation defense firm that is driven by a simple mission: leverage the firm's experience and creativity to achieve results while forming long-term client relationships supported by value-based services that address the needs of clients who are facing an ever-increasing amount of IP defense litigation.

Patent owners have long had models that satisfy their litigation needs, and companies facing defensive IP litigation need tailored models as well. "A lot of people hear 'boutique,' and they think 'small firm.' That's not what we think at all," Seitz was quoted as saying in the Kansas City Business Journal. Erise IP is tailored to address a specific need with solutions that traditional firm models cannot support.

Erise IP Model

Erise IP has a singular focus on intellectual property defense litigation. The firm's attorneys do one thing, and they do it well. The firm was built by gathering the professional talent and IP-litigation resources its clients need without any unnecessary overhead. As patent litigation continues to increase, trust-based attorney-client relationships are more important than ever, but are often the first casualty in the necessary war on costs. Erise IP believes companies defending mounting IP litigation can have both excellent attorney-client relationships and cost control, and the firm is proving it by focusing on three important factors:


Erise IP focuses on delivering a win as quickly as possible – the firm's core litigation philosophy for defense cases centers on creating opportunities for early dispositions while always remaining focused on the trial story. From the client's perspective, a short case is the best case. As the firm's record demonstrates, Erise IP consistently brings home these best-case outcomes.


Erise IP determined early on that a central vision of the firm would be to create value-based pricing. Not only do the firm's attorneys have an in-depth understanding of how intellectual property litigation works, they also understand what a particular defense is worth to a client and create pricing models to fit.

While the firm's hourly rates are less than traditional national IP firm rates, Erise IP recognizes the full solution to escalating defense costs requires flexibility and creativity in fee structures. As a result, Erise IP has designed fee structures that reach far beyond the typical "alternative fee arrangements" to reflect customized models that fit its clients' unique value propositions.


While delivering results and exceptional value are central elements to Erise IP's model, the firm was established on principles that foster trusting relationships. Values of honesty, integrity, humility, respect and understanding are at the core of the firm's approach to serving clients.

Erise IP embraces these values as it delivers honest, straightforward advice. This values-driven approach leads to relationship-based representation that proves time and again to be a key to litigation success.

Adam Seitz

Adam's litigation practice focuses on high technology and patent litigation in nearly every technology area from GPS to medical devices. He has represented clients in major litigation across the country and before the ITC. His work has led to him being named to the Missouri & Kansas Super Lawyers list since 2010 and he was recognized in 2008 by Missouri Lawyers Weekly as a "Up and Coming Attorney." Among his most significant trial victories, he was lead counsel for Garmin in a patent infringement matter before the ITC that resulted in a complete victory for Garmin with a finding of no infringement on all three asserted patents. That decision is now being cited as the standard for how to assess a "domestic industry" claim by NPE's before the ITC.

Eric Buresh

Eric has managed the litigation of more than 65 intellectual property cases with particular focus on patent infringement matters. He has led cases in many jurisdictions across the U.S. and multiple cases in each of the major patent litigation jurisdictions. In addition to district courts, Eric has handled cases through trial at the ITC and argued multiple appeals to the Federal Circuit. His expertise crosses industries that include GPS technology, consumer electronics, video games and systems, e-commerce, and networking.

The Erise IP Team

Erise IP Partners Abran Kean, Michelle Marriott, Jason Mudd and Megan Redmond collectively possess decades of intellectual property experience that ranges from representing the GPS navigation, computer software and video game industries to medical device manufacturers, consumer electronics leaders, and the nation's largest automotive companies. Erise IP's team also includes a group of associates who each contributes unique background and expertise and a group of technical advisors and patent agents who provide in-house research and analysis capability that is at the cutting edge of intellectual property defense infrastructure.

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